We are wishing everyone good health, peace, and safety during this tragic time.

    We are doing our best to serve this community to the highest level we can through this crisis, and make sure the community is healthy and well-fed.

    Please read this message carefully.

    We are doing our best to provide as much service as possible, while also ensuring that we are healthy and safe. This is an overwhelming process - but we are committed to serving the community during this time. Together - we can continue to do so with everyone working together as a team. Respecting the protocols each week/day, as they change so quickly.

    What would help us the most right now is - patience, trust, and team work!

    I would like to supply all orders to the fullest, yet due to the massive amount of order, there may be items on your list that are not in stock. We are doing our best to make sure that everyone in the community has food. Please understand this. You will only be charged for what you order, and your order may not be able to be filled in full at this time.


    1. Orders will ONLY be taken via email: orders@koshergourmet.ca

    2. Due to the overwhelming situation - the phone, text or whatsapp will not be answered during this time. If you need anything at all - you must email, and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible under the circumstances

    3. Please provide a VISA as well as phone number and address if you do not already have an account with us.


    We are only taking orders right now to be delivered fresh within a 24 hour period. Due to the constant change in nature of the COVID - 19 crisis, things are changing daily, and we are trying to keep up!

    It is hard to plan for the future, so we need to stay with orders delivered within the week.


    1. All orders will be left at your door, under no circumstance will our driver be able to enter your house. This is for community SAFETY

    2. If you are missing anything from your order, that means we are out of stock, please try again the next day to reorder.

    3. Please allow up to 24 hours for your delivery. Please note that we are doing the best at this time. Thank you for your understanding!

    To allow us to serve you best, please respect and understand this protocol during this tragic time. Together as a community, we will overcome this! Stay safe.

    Wishing YOU and Family HEALTH,
    AJ & The Staff at Kosher Gourmet

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